Monday, April 28, 2008


That's praise the Lord not passion tea lemonade...for all you starbucks folks out there.

Anywho...My roomate Jaclyn got her car back!'s totally a fluke kind of thing but she is so excited about it. And the new club that she has to put on everytime she gets in and out of her car.

Here's the story...

Whoever stole her car parked it in a stall at an apartment complex and the person who was paying for the parking stall was very frustrated that he couldn't park there. So he opened the unlock door and looked for something to contact the owner. He found an opened cingular bill with her number on it. He left her a message asking her to not park there or he was going to tow her car.

Sadly her phone had died and she had NO idea that she had a missed call or voicemail. Luckily she got the message after charging it. She replied to the voicemail and headed out to go find her car. But when she got there and tried to start wouldn't turn over (which means nothing to me other than the car isn't working. My dad has tried to explain what it takes to "turn it over" and I got lost the moment he started using his hands to demonstrate how it works.)

The police officer looked under the hood and found everything was there. So he sat in the driver's seat to get a better idea of what could be wrong. He tried to turn the lights on and figured out that the battery was just dead. So he gave her a jump (as in the car) and off she drive all the way back to our little house!

Wow...what a weekend! And the most amazing part is EVERYTHING was in her car except for the stuff in the backseat was in the trunk and vice versa. Weird huh?

Welcome back Jane Honda!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Just call me Grace...

So I am walking upstairs at work to the fitness center to make sure everything is intact before I head home. I found one of the blinds wasn't working and tried to fix it. After about 2 minutes of wrestling (not literally) with these blinds I decided to walk away and fix it later. So I turn to walk out of the room and when I took my first step I tripped over the cord from the treadmill. I didn't even see it.

I fell flat on my face! I am sure it was pretty entertaining for the 2 gentlemen working out. I hit the floor with an "umpfff." The greatest part was that I was laughing so hard at myself that I could barely get off the floor. One of the guys looked at me and asked, "Are you going to be ok?" I replied with a, "Yes and the entertainment was free of charge."

The kicker is that this is all on camera! I just need to find it...

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The town is officially red

So my roomate Jaclyn and I went out on Saturday night. Being 21 and all we really wanted to sit in the bar...but we got to the Ram and nothing was open. So we sat down at a normal table.

We opened the drink menu as our waitress walks up to take our order.

After we order our alcholic beverages she asks for our ID's. She takes a good long look at them and declares, "You guys are like 4 days apart...are you guys like sisters?"

ARE YOU SERIOUS? Our mother would have been in labor for like 5 days?!

When she walked away we could not help it...we started to giggle and then it burst into a full on belly laugh. She had to have walked away and thought, "I am such a nerd!"

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Are you kidding me?

So today I am at my desk and I am scratching an itch on my neck...

Next thing I know my necklace breaks in half!
It didn't even break in a place that is fixable...

OH MY have got to be kidding me! Doesn't that just make you so mad. I am sure as you are reading this you have steam coming out your ears...
Now I know this looks really expensive...because it is
Mine was from claires...

Saturday, April 19, 2008

My New Job...

I started my new job 3 days ago and haven't had a moment to post (still don't have internet)

I love it. I get to do some busy work talk to people who live in the complex.

I will report more later...have to get back to work!

Sorry for the delay and non-excitement in posts

Monday, April 7, 2008

Attn:all ladies over 21!

My 21st birthday is this Thursday and I am going to dinner and a movie. I don't know where I want to go to dinner but I do know we will be heading up to Seattle around 6:00.

After dinner we will be headed to The Big Picture to watch The Bank Job. It starts at 8:30.

If you would like to join me for one or the other or both just let me know...all the ladies (who are 21 and over) are welcome to come! Either post it on a comment AND/OR call me! I just want to get a head count for dinner and such.

BUT this isn't a "party" (I don't like birthday parties I am lame I know) it just happens to be my birthday and I want to go there!

This would be SO cool...minus the part where it says Luke and the part where I don't even like cake...(again I know I am lame and no fun but we can pretend!)

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Brain Fart...

I just want to let you all know I have taken pictures and such but I can't post them because I don't have internet...

I didn't even think about that! HA anyways I will have to go to my parents house to figure that out. Sorry about those who haven't seen it and are waiting. I PROMISE that I will post pictures as SOON as I possibly can!

Oh and the first night it took me forever and a day to get to sleep. I kept hearing weird noises and I have an old school clock that I am not used to hearing go tick tock through the night. But once I got to sleep I was fine. (In case you were wondering...)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I promise it's not April fools...

I am such a big girl now...
In the next 2 weeks I will be
Moving out
Turning 21
Getting a new job
I am super excited and am ready for the challenges that are coming at me.
I move out today. Although everything is in the house except for me...I am looking forward to staying there tonight. I will post pictures as soon as I get home tonight (I will let you know once we get settled and decide on a date for our housewarming party...)
I am turning 21 on the 10th and can't wait to spend the evening out with family and friends...(by the way if you are 21 and older you are welcome to come...we are going to a theater in Seattle where you can drink and enjoy a flick. Just let me know so we can plan carpool etc...)
I am getting a new job. I will be working for Riverstone. They are a third party management company for apartment homes and condos. I will be working on Mercer Island (I will be carpooling with a friend and it's only 30-35 minutes so it's not that bad!) My title is a concierge. I am in charge of accepting packages for the residents, showing and booking a few furnished apartments, and event planning. That is my favorite part...I get a budget every month to put together whatever I see fit for the residents to create a community throughout the complex.
I am so excited to begin this new chapter of my life and I am looking forward to sharing it with all my faithful readers!
I promise I will get pictures of the house on here ASAP!