Thursday, March 17, 2011

MARCHing on.

listening to Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve. it's currently on repeat and it's fantastic. sure, it's old. the lyrics are odd but it suits me in this very moment.

i think it's the strings. seriously, orchestra and rock collaboration is powerful. if i ever become famous or have a band or what have you, i will have to have an orchestra. even if it's small.

in other news, i was recently sick. to the point of complete exhaustion. people asked that dreaded question, "are you feeling alright? you look so tired." you could also exchange 'tired' for 'terrible' and that could define the other half of the questioning curious bunch.

honestly, that is the last thing you want to hear, right? even if you know you look like walking death. you want to be sympathized with but not told straight out that you look awful. it dampers the already dwindling mood.

luckily, i went home a little early from work. slept about 8 hours. woke up for 3.2 hours. then i dreamt away another 10 or so hours.

i was a CHANGED woman. believe me, nothing could stop me. don't get me wrong i still sounded like a 47 year old chain smoker with a bad loogie but, i felt like 1.6 million bucks.

camp is busy. we've got group after group. which is nice but at the same time it means a change of pace. lots of explaining and lots of micro managing.

recently, my roommate robyn and i had a little excursion to the awkward shelf that sits above our staircase. this is proof that we have WAY too much fun.