Monday, October 18, 2010

is this real life?

it's been exactly a month since coming home from Washington Family Ranch. life at home is weird since i haven't found a job. most of days are filled with sleeping in, catching up on TV series from the summer, and enjoying the company of family and friends.

like most of the other interns, i miss being at the ranch. not so much the work but the community. you get to a point in the summer when things just click together and you cannot imagine your life without those 19 other people. they become your family. no matter how far away they live or how long since you talked to them last, you are changed because of the time you had with them.

the thing that i miss the most about living as an intern at WFR is being stuck in the middle of nowhere without a cellphone and without the luxuries of everyday life, knowing that you can not only survive a life like that but you can thrive. life at the ranch is completely secluded from things like the "spiraling economy" and "raging politics"'s a community where you feel God. you literally feel Him.

i feel Him now, it's different. it's much harder.

life outside the ranch is different. it's much harder.

but, God is good and He's good ALL the time. that is the truth.