Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Insert witty title here

Just thought these pictures were pretty cute. :)

Blogging has not been part of my summer agenda. I have been working, taking kids to YL camp, spent countless hours laughing with family and friends...but other than that, life has been pretty sporadic but busy.

I have:
* Watched too many episodes of The Office
* Driven to Issy and back so much, I could probably drive it with my eyes closed
* Been to Wildhorse Canyon for the umpteenth time and could barely stand getting back on the bus to go home
* Had some great quiet times with the Lord
* Gone to the Drag Races with Dad and Todd
* Survived a heat wave
* Prayed for friends who are going through tough times
* Thought that things couldn't get worse...they did
* Spent way too much time on Facebook
* Had adventures in Bellevue Square
* Needed medical attention via Fire Department and Aid Car :P
* Welcomed a new nephew, Owen (he is ADORABLE)

That is it for now and I will try to do something fun/stupid so that I can post about it. :)