Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hello again,

It's official. I suck at blogging. Mainly because I am not married and don't have any adorable kid stories to spill.

That being said, I am content with what I have, where I am at and am enjoying the view along the way.

What have I been doing you may ask?

Watched too many episodes of The Office
Still taking a break from white flour and sugar
Spent quality time with great friends
Read My Life Is Average and can't stop
Attended weddings like it was going out of style
Facebook stalked
Played on my iPhone
Loved on my niece and nephews
Had heart to hearts with Courtney
Caught up with long lost friends
Learned some things the hard way
Payed off debt
Accidentally flashed my best friends ENTIRE extended family
Hosted Bingo night at work
Went to Wildhorse Canyon for a week
Wanted to stay at WHC indefinitely
Spent some time in Cheney and learned first hand that there is absolutely nothing to do there
Learned that taking a bath can, in fact, be harmful to ones health
Found out that even when you feel like a gomer, Jesus loves you

The end.