Monday, November 8, 2010


Family is incredibly important to me. Not only do I have a large family but one that is crazy and loud and in each other's business. I would not trade them for the world. If you have ever met my family, you would most likely agree.

Some of the most memorable moments I have growing up are obviously with my sisters. Now, don't get me wrong. Sometimes being the youngest of 3 girls was absolutely obnoxious. You never really have time in the bathroom and your parents have seen everything before so you don't get away with much. That being said, after you grow up and have time to actually appreciate those quirks you realize that your sisters are actually your best friends. Here is a little about mine...

Dear Jessica.
You are the oldest of us three Yohann girls and do not take that role lightly. Never once have you turned down a phone call or moment when I needed you to listen or cry with me. Especially when it comes to boys.

Growing up with you as my sister was pretty easy. You were more often than not my defender in times when I couldn't stand up for myself. I have come to know you as not only a sister but a friend.

Now that you are a has only increased your ability to listen with patience to come to a thoughtful and prayerful decision. Your children are such a reflection of you. They are bright and cheerful, love to laugh and are sometimes dramatic.

When we are together, we are silly and goofy. We laugh until our bellies hurt. We cry when we watch ridiculous TV shows with surprisingly dramatic plots. We even talk in accents until your daughter gets sick of it and makes us stop.
Honestly, I cannot imagine what life would be like without you. You are by far one of the most important people in my life. Thank you for teaching me to dream big.

Dear Christy.

You are the middle of us Yohann girls and are always the one to challenge me to higher standards. You are someone I can count on to pursue me intentionally.

Growing up with you was not always easy. You enjoyed picking on me. Not all the time, but enough to know that we have come a long way from then. I can honestly say that you are the reason that I enjoy to ask the hard questions and push the limits when I don't agree with something.

Now that you are a has caused me to see you in a different light. You are tender with your children and are making sure they are well cared for. Your children are a reflection of you. They are a little rough around the edges but so incredibly compassionate and creative. They want to know why things are the way they are.
When we are together, we discuss hard issues and bounce ideas off of each other. We laugh about memories from days when life was simpler and organize like madwomen.

Honestly, I cannot imagine life without you. You are so important to me and you keep me grounded. Thank you for asking the hard questions that many people dare not to ask.

Both of my sisters are vital parts of my everyday life. Each of them is so different but so alike. I am blessed to be such a combination of them both.

Thank you to Jessica and Christy, sisters extraordinaire. You are the reason I love to laugh and most likely the reason why I am so "odd"...