Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Creeper at the window

So this morning I was excited about working and got up a little early so I wasn't a total grouch on the job. I get to work at about 4:14 AM and all three of the openers walk in together. We laugh and chat and catch up on happenings at the store.

I precede to take to the garbage can and put it back where it goes during the daytime and I look at our camera outside and there is a man standing out there with a LONG BLACK TRENCHCOAT...I froze I didn't know what to do.

I finally choked out the words, "There is a dude...like out there." All of a sudden the two other gals rush over and the guy whips his head around and comes and practically squishes his face against the window of our drive thru. Luckily there was a shade that was down and he couldn't see the terrified looks on our faces (he can only see blobs of people).

So Joyce, our MIC, runs over to the phone and of course we follow after her. She calls the police and they drive around our store for a while. Finally a police car came to our drive thru window to let us know they didn't find anyone but they will be around the corner (last night they were looking for someone around the same area...why do I know this...cause Jaclyn and I followed them).

So in the end we are safe but thank goodness for those police officers or us ladies would have been freaked out all morning long!?

Hopefully he doesn't come back...

Saturday, September 15, 2007


I am super sorry for not posting anything in like the last year or so...I have been super busy with my two jobs, church, and of course my friends. Lately I have been paying overages on texting, going to the fair, getting a new hairdo, reading a lot, and enjoying unforgettable moments with friends.

I have some real funny pictures that I will post later til then!