Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Eggs and such.


I love it.

Holiday pay @ work.


Birthday 'round the corner.

Fun treats.

Family dinner.

Missing grandma.

Reflecting on sacrifice.

Knowing I'm saved.


I love it.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dear WaFaRa,

This summer will be decidedly, beautifully and remarkably splendid.

{This picture was taken after I heard the news}

It's official. I have been offered and have accepted the position of AM Kitchen Summer Intern at Washington Family Ranch.

For those of you that don't know what that means...I will be at "WaFaRa" from May 19th until September 13th, immersed in life away from the hustle and bustle of the everyday norm. My days will be filled with talking with Summer Staff and Work Crew while cooking for an incredible amount of people. Taking walks around the camp and soaking up the sun after my morning work day. Joining the family of staff that have so graciously taken time from a normal life to serve kids that need to hear the good news of the Lord!

The kitchen is a beast of its own. We start at 5:45 AM and lock up around 8:30 PM. There are 2 shifts that keep every tummy at camp, happy and full. It is absolutely amazing to be a part of a working machine! Over the years, the kitchen has been tweaked and twisted to better serve the campers, leaders and staff. I can honestly say, it is a well oiled machine.

Here is the best part...for the 6 people who read this blog, I will try my best to update as I prepare to take the most daring adventure of my life to date. While I prepare myself physically, emotionally and spiritually, I ask that you join me on my journey to Washington Family Ranch.


That may be one of the most important things I plead in all my life, is that you join me in prayer! Pray for the camp as a whole. That things will run smoothly and flawlessly to better serve the kids and leaders while they prepare for the best week of their lives. Pray that God would reveal the kids that He has prepared to hear His message. Pray that God would put His hand of protection over the campers as they travel and while they are on the property.

Pray for me, that I would be able to transition well and be able to grow in the Lord while helping others grow. That God would humble me daily as I wake up at the crack of dawn to make meals for around 1,000 people. Pray that God would take away the desires of my heart and replace them with His desires. That He would be what people see when they look in my eyes. Pray for this precious time that I have before my summer away, that I can spend it wisely.

Thank you in advance for sharing in my excitement!