Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Auntie Sheeshe: Episode dos (that's 2 in spanish)

At 2:13 this morning, when I was fast asleep, my mother poked at me until I opened my eyes. In a flurry she explained to me that Christy was at the hospital and probably going to have baby Camp sometime this morning. Knowing that I was not supposed to go to work until 8:30 I shut my eyes once again in hopes of not waking up until there was more news...7:15 rolled around and I had practically thrown my alarm clock across the room wishing it would push snooze on it's own. I got THE call, baby Camp was on his way. WOOHOO

I called my boss to see if we could switch things around thinking that I would just get the morning off and without any hesitation she let me have the entire day with my family! How awesome is that...

I got the hospital around 8:20 and little man Camp was born at about 7:51 AM. He is a long fella about 20 and 1/2 inches long and weighs about 7 lbs. 15 oz. Oh and fun is my half birthday! So my little nephew is exactly 20 and 1/2 years younger than I am!

Unfortunately the little man doesn't have a name yet but that is ok I love him even more than I thought that I would. He is absolutely funny spots or blemishes...his nose is adorable and his eyes are my opinion he is going to be a heart breaker in a few years.

Christy is doing well and looks amazing. (like always!) Chris is a natural...watching him give his son a bath was a privilege. They are going to be wonderful parents and I am very excited to see how they do at home with their little guy...

All in all today has been an adventure and it's only noon! God has been so good to our family this year. Oh and to see pictures of my very cute nephew go to the Camps blog...

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Passports, one ways streets, and valet parking... I know that I am totally lame and haven't posted anything really good for a REALLY long time. I assure you it's only because this story is absolutely hilarious and is guaranteed to make you piddle your pants. (sorry it's so long)

So I am going to Cabo with the family I nanny for on the 13th of October. I get to go with them and another family who also has a 2 year old little boy. My friend Jaclyn who is a very good friend (probably my best) is also going...mainly because she used to nanny for them and it worked out that way! I swear I have almost the perfect life right now!?

Anyways...I am leaving the country and they just passed this crazy law that to travel across the border you have to have your passport in hand when you leave. So Jaclyn and I needed to get ours and decided why not go together! What an say the least. So we have to wait until the 2 week mark before we can make an appointment to apply for our passports which leaves my boss Amy a little worried about purchasing our tickets. (I don't blame her) But nonetheless we get our appointments and head to Seattle having NO idea the adventure that lie ahead.

We have to be in Seattle at 9 am. We decide to leave by 7:30 just to be safe...thank goodness we did because I woke up late, couldn't find my birth certificate, and almost hit someone on the way there. So the extra time we thought we had was put to good use...

We did pretty good until we took the Madison St., James St., and Dearborn St. Exit and accidentally ended up on Dearborn St. (We needed Madison which was WAY farther than we expected) So we drive until we get to this Shell station and I decided to take an illegal left turn into. So Jac goes inside and asks for directions from a delinquent who has no idea what he is talking about and I am outside doing an 80 point turn to turn my car around. So we take another illegal left turn back onto the street we were just on and followed the "directions" that said go straight and you will run into Madison...

Only to find out the street we were on T's a block from the Shell station and Madison is nowhere to be found. Jac decides to ask for directions from an older gentlemen in a convertible stopped next to us. (note that the top was down and he didn't look busy AT ALL) She yells, "Excuse me...(no response) Excuse me...(she was sure by now the people on the street could hear her) Excuse me..." Finally the light turns green and we are dying of laughter.

We still can't find Madison so she decides to ask this other guy when we stopped a few blocks down the road. He was this old guy in a beat up truck who looked like he woke up him from his beauty sleep a few hours too soon (or he was on something). He mumbled that Madison was a few blocks up and you can't miss it. YEAH RIGHT...Madison was not clearly marked anywhere! we had to turn down a few blocks later because of all those stupid one way streets and finally found Madison.

We had to find a parking garage and of course we had to pick the one with complimentary valet parking. So I pull up to get my car parked and the guy tosses a ticket in my window and walks away...Jac and I looked at each other like UH what do we do now? After about a minute we got out and walked away only I walked the wrong direction. So feeling like a total goober I walk past the valet guys again and into the elevator.

The elevator had and A, B, C, D, and 4...First thought...what the heck? how can it go from A, B, C, D to 4?? So we go to each floor and none of them open to a street. Finally someone told us that you have to go onto to 4 and out the building...we could have been there ALL day.

Next mission: to find out which building is the Federal Building (again not clearly marked, signs are a big issue in Seattle or lack thereof). So we decide to ask this guy who was contemplating whether to stop and help us or not. He points to the building across the street and walks away like we are some kind of disease.

We get in and get out with almost no problem...when you exit the Federal Building the little glass doors that you think swing open really slide in and out of the machine they are attached to. Jaclyn found this out the hard way and almost had a nasty spill (which I thought was hilarious because of all the retarded things I had done earlier).

We needed to get coffee before anymore of this day went sour. Bad idea...minus the cute guy in line behind us. So we are waiting for our coffee when out of the back room a SHIM walks out. Yes a SHIM...definitely a man but had long stringy hair, makeup (lots thank goodness), a skirt, and better legs than I may ever have! Oddly enough it started a conversation with the cute guy and we just pretended to look busy.

We got in the car and drove home laughing the ENTIRE way. Jaclyn mentioned that it would be funny if we had accidentally gotten on I-5 North instead of South...I would have screamed if we had seen signs for Bellingham.

Needless to say it was quite an adventure but I got my passport this evening. I am super excited to go to Cabo and yes I will rub in all of your faces until the end of time (jk but seriously)...hopefully something funny will happen while I am there!