Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Goin' WILD for Wildhorse

I am SO excited! I just got a call from Wildhorse Staff and they asked me to work in the kitchen for first session at camp! WOOHOO...I was a little worried about it because I was the first person on the wait list. And it was looking grimm...but alas the Lord is good and he provided a spot for me to go! Granted I had already taken the almost 3 and a half weeks off from work and yesterday I was sweatin it a tiny bit!

I can't wait to go and serve! Oh and my uncle is giving me his guitar and I can take it with me!! How wonderful God is I get to go to camp and I get a guitar of my own all in the 24 hours!

Well this will be my last post until I get home on the 6th of July...Although I will be calling my family and they might post some updates for me...

Until then!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Driving Miss Daisy

So I know it hasn't been a week but I can't wait to share my experience with my neighbor boy and his friends. He is in 4th grade and needed a ride to his end of the year concert...since I wasn't doing anything I volunteered myself.

I got to their house and told him and his friend to hop in the backseat and that we would be there in a flash...on the contrary!

After learning that we needed to pick up his other friend my patience was growing weary and both boys promised that they knew EXACTLY where his house was...So I, being the dummy that I am, believed them. So we begin our journey and after a few shouts from the backseat such as "there turn there" as we pass the street and a conversation just below a whisper consisting of "is that it?...No I think that is it...No the one with the yellow truck...Yeah the yellow truck" And you guessed it we stopped at the first house we saw with a yellow truck and proceeded to knock on their door because these two 4th grade boys said it was.

After a few knocks we realized that it was the wrong house. We drove until we saw the next house with a yellow truck...luckily it was and we went off to Nautilus my alma mader(sp). It was a great performance and I know that I have some embarrassing moments for Tate when he gets a girlfriend!

Its always embarrassing when you sing about guacamole...

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

weekly update...

So I have decided that I will blog once or maybe twice a week...cause I can barely remember to take pills for allergies at night let alone update my blog so I will try this and see how it goes.

So this week I have been trying out my bluetooth...I have the kind that is ginormous compared to my petite ear and every time that I even wiggle my ear it falls off...here are a few options so it can work according to its purpose:

* I can duct tape it to the side of my face

* I can use packing tape and stick it to the side of my face

* I can superglue it to the side of my face

* I can attatch my bluetooth to a headband and wear the headband and it won't move!

* Or I can ignore the stupid law completely and rebel like most of Federal Way
(I know I know it lights up...I am totally high tech and everything)

I saw THE cutest thing today while driving on 320th...a mama duck and her ducklings were crossing the street and people were swirving to not hit them and speeding up to go around all the traffic they caused and when they saw how precious they were they slammed on their brakes...

It was so cute...the littlest one was waddling in last place in line and while in the suicide lane it tripped and waddled real real fast to catch up with the rest of them...I looked in the car next to me and it was like everyone was mesmerized by these things (including me...)

We have had some funny customers in the past week...but I will tell more stories later!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

My dream mall

Christy blog tagged me a while ago I am totally lame cause I have been crazy busy but here goes
so you can 6 stores and 2 restaurants (one fast food and one sit down)

I am definitely loving cheesecake factory

For fast food I would have to go with Wendy's (their $1 menu is to die for...)

So I have to admit that I love to shop...so there are lots of decisions...
Target because I shop there probably two or three times a month



American Eagle

Guitar Center
Gap Outlet

Wow that was actually kinda hard...there was a few stores that didn't make the cut but were pretty close!

well until next time...