Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Kids really do say the darnest things...and they repeat everything you say!

Here are some of those "things" that I hear from the backseat of the car or from across the playroom:

* "Let's go boys"...although it's just me in the car, I am not a boy, and there is only one of me...Luke likes to say this because I say it when I have Luke and Timmy (apparently I say it more often than I realize)

* "Boo Ya"...this is what Timmy says when he makes a basket. It is SO darn cute

* "Hoop it"...this is code for "put the basketball in the hoop"

* "I'm busy"...Luke thinks that he can get away with "building with Bob" instead of trying to go potty on the "Big T"

* "Donut Cookie"...this is code for "Alicia draw a cookie and a glass of milk with a swirly straw so I can pretend to cook it"

* When I ask, "Where are you going Luke?"...he replies, "Costco" or "Starbucks"...what a savvy kid

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Only a few more weeks...

I am so excited to move into my new house... I promise I will have pictures soon but until then here are some of the things that I have purchased from Ikea...

Thursday, March 6, 2008

"big girl pants"

So I am happy to report that Jaclyn and I will be moving into the house on Star Lake on April 1st.
Seriously it's not quite hit me that I won't be living with my parents anymore, but at the same time I am excited to "grow up" and experience life on my own.
The house is absolutely perfect for has two bedrooms, one bathroom, a huge living room, an office with a wall to wall built in bookshelf, and a very cute kitchen. Everything is brand new (the previous tenants were drug dealers that also used part of the house to grow marajuana)...pretty much when we came along the very cute (and christian) family was thrilled to have us move in.
We still need some furniture so if anyone has suggestions or some free stuff...send it our way!
We need:
Loveseat/big comfy chair
Small table and chairs
We are trying to get some of this stuff on craigslist but people must not think we are serious because they keep selling it to other people when we are planning to pick it about frustrating! Anyways if anyone has any ideas or just wants to help us move in or just see our new place let me know and we can try to plan a time to check it out!