Sunday, November 18, 2007

Driving Miss Daisy

So in the last few days I have seen some pretty funny stuff while driving around town.

The other day I was coming home from Starbucks and was so tired that I don't remember ANYTHING from the drive home except for this lady behind me. I thought she was having convulsions but no no no she was just "feelin' " whatever song was on the radio. I could not stop laughing. I am sure that people were looking at me like I was just as much of a loser as the chick driving behind me. But seriously it was SO SO funny.

Tonight I had to go to Fred Meyer to pick up groceries to make my salad for the Young Life Turkey Day dinner (and thanks to the awesome salad dressing idea I got from Peggy Camp...thanks by the way...I will have the best and maybe only salad in the joint). On the way home I was driving behind this guy that had a 30 inch flat screen with a S-N-Double O-P D-O-Double G video complete with dancing girls. It took me about a half mile of trying to catch up to this yahoo to figure out what was playing. It was totally distracting. Just like that huge flashing billboard on I-5...I hate that thing. I almost didn't stop at the light when the car kept going.

So if you ever drive past me and I look like a goober or you are distracted by something in my car (or just my good looks)...know that you should call me and tell me to stop perplexing your driving skills.

Not spring cleaning...

Last night I cleaned my room...

Have you ever seen the show Clean Sweep on TLC? That is exactly what I did but it took me all night and there were no tarps involved. I am glad to say I feel better about the reduced clutter in the cracks and crevices around the one room in the house I can call my own.

I wasn't the only one in the house rearranging and fixing up my room. Jess and Todd brought Hailey over last night and they helped my parents "Trade Spaces". Only they swapped the living room, dining room, and family room around. It was a little hectic around here last night but it was fun to be with my family, sweaty and irritated as they were...

I am not gunna lie this morning when I walked into the "family room", that now has our dining room table in it, I forgot where I was for a second. It will be quite the change but I think it will house our ever-growing family perfectly.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Night on the town

I tried to download some more of the pictures I took in Cabo but the thing was working. So instead I will tell you about my night in Seattle.
My friends Stacy and David and I went to Jet City Improv. It was so much fun. First off I had to drive...I don't enjoy driving in Seattle AT ALL...anywhere else I am fine. I actually prefer to be the one driving (because I know that if I die it's probably my fault...). So we get there no problem but we can't find a parking spot. Well let me rephrase that...I couldn't find a parking spot that didn't require me to parallel park.
Let's take a walk down memory lane. I remember the 3 point turn or whatever it's called. I also remember when I failed that part of my driving test. So you can guess that on Saturday night I had NO desire to park anywhere but a normal parking lot. So being the great friend that he is, David parked my car for me. I don't know what I would have done without him (probably hit someones car or a curb).
Since we left an hour and a half before the doors open and got there with about 45 minutes until the show. (I have a lead foot...what are ya gunna do about it?) David is starving and the only restaurant we could find was only taking reservations. So we ended up going to a mini-mart/spice/Arabian movie store. walk in and your nose hair's catch on fire. Your eyes are bombarded with VHS movie's in a language that doesn't relate one bit to English. We got in and got out but not without the aftertaste of paprika on your tongue.
The show was hilarious but what was more entertaining was the lady in front of us that was so drunk. She was laughing when there was an awkward silence, at a joke that wasn't really that funny, and when she broke a plastic cup in pieces because she stepped on it. For real she was absolutely ridiculous. Kind of like the couple behind us that when they asked for suggestions the ONLY thing that EVER came out of their mouth was "Michael Jackson".
Let's get real guys...when someone asks you for a suggestion such as "your parents greatest advice" or "a noun" the first thing you can think of really Michael Jackson? It was like the only two words they knew in the English language. And after the first 6 times I had little to NO tolerance for their immaturity.
But besides that it was so much fun and might have to make it there more often...maybe next time you can join me?

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Here are some pictures from Cabo...Usually I am pretty good at taking pictures but I never had my camera at the right time. Oh and Jac and I were too lazy to find it.

Luke and I at the airport (remember it's like 4:00 AM)

Jaclyn and I getting on the airplane at the CRACK of dawn

The view from the airplane

The clouds were absolutely amazing!

Jac and I getting off the plane in San Francisco

And this is just on the way there...I have a few more I will post over the next few days. For more pictures you can go here. These are my boss Amy's pictures. Please ignore me in photo's that involve myself and a two piece...I promise to work out before I go to Hawaii next year...ha what am I saying yeah right!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I know I know...

It has been such a long time since my last post, but in my defense my life since Cabo has been absolutely CRAZY...

So where to begin...

My week in Cabo was absolutely amazing. Minus the part where I come home early and Grandma goes home to be with the Lord while I am on a plane...that was really hard. Nonetheless I had such a great time while I was there. We went snorkeling and saw tons of schools of fish. I saw a baby lion at the villa we stayed at. We went to a place called Todos Santos and it took practically forever to get there but when we finally did Jaclyn and I went to some little shops and tried to bargain with them, we didn't get very far (maybe next time). Jaclyn and I had some time to ourselves and most of the time it was spent by the pool or in the ocean. And the ocean is brutal, I mean those waves eat you up! You think that you are just going for a salty dip but you come out of the ocean with more sand in your swimsuit than Mt. Ranier has snow...

The next week was spent with family and exactly a week after my grandma died we had her memorial. I decided to sing that being one of the hardest decisions of my life. But I sang with a strong voice and knowing how much my grandma would have loved to have heard me sing one last time.

Other than that life has been hectic and has not slowed down one bit...I am still working as a nanny and at starbucks.

Oh and I bought Chris and Christy's if anyone knows someone who needs a car...let me know!

I promise I will update my blog more consistently from now on...Lord knows I got enough grief for it already