Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hmmm. How time flies?

Look what I found the other day on my lunch break.
This bad boy speaks for itself. :)
I can't imagine the adventures you could have in this vehicle...
You may be asking yourself, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!?
Well...I have been

*Hanging out with friends
*Working on "The Rock" (Mercer Island :P)
*Spending quality time with family
*Sitting at home because the snow is absolutely ridiculous
*Registering for classes at GRCC
*Got my driver's side door dent fixed...even though it wasn't even my fault. Shame on whoever hit my car and left the scene without even a note!
*Went ice skating with some good friends (There is a story further down the blog)
*Decorated at work and home
*Watched WAY too many movies
*Purchased some totally rad Christmas presents
*Had a few pretty great laughs (you know the ones where your belly hurts...)
*Read a ton of books
*Was too lazy to update my blog and now I am sure that NO ONE reads it...haha

Ok here is part where I tell you about my ice skating extravaganza...
I haven't been ice skating in a while and a few friends and I decided to brave the Kent Ice Rink(kind of ghetto I know...)
We got there and I ran into a few people from Seattle Christian (they were having a little shindig.) Then there was the renting of skates, the almost breaking of the ankles while getting used to wearing skates on the rubber floor, and then there was the first moment where your skates hit the ice.
Pause: I am not so coordinated when it comes to anything but standing, singing, walking, running, and organizing...that was my disclaimer to those who accompanied me on this expedition.
So I am doing alright in the skating department and not falling at this point. They start turning the lights off and turn on the black lights and the strobe lights...and seriously who can skate when they can barely see in front of their face. Now we are surrounded by highschoolers. Apparently I didn't get the memo that it is necessary to link arms with 10 of your friends and block the entire path on the ice. Hmmm...better check my email when I get home. I proceed to skate, slowly I might add, and I fall. Let's clarify...I am the FIRST one to fall out of everyone at the skating rink. Hey, at least I am around for cheap entertainment.
I struggled a little bit and fell two more times...IN THE SAME SPOT. Yeah I know I am pretty lame but I can laugh at myself.
I bruised my knees from falling so many times that I could barely walk the next day...and yes I totally called in sick.
Here is proof that my knees took a harsh beating.
Oh and they are way worse in me.

Pray that my life gets a little more exciting so I can have some more blog posts...haha