Thursday, October 6, 2011

oh, hello real world.

Well, I'm back in civilization. Complete with cell coverage and shorter trips to the grocery store. The good news is I haven't locked my keys in the car or waved at every car that passes by. Life outside the canyon is all about adjusting.

Reflecting on the last year and a half of my life it seems to have disappeared. Sort of an 'out of sight, out of mind' type of scenario. In some way the canyon is much like Narnia.

Anyway, I'll accept my award for the {worst blog updater on the planet} later in the year. But only after not posting anything new for another few months.

What is new in my life, you may ask?

Well, here goes. I left Washington Family Ranch (or the canyon as I often refer to it) a mere 3 days ago. My seasonal position was finished and it was time for me to leave. Even still, I knew that it was right. It was hard to leave some things but other things I bid farewell with a nice kick in the shins. The worst part was saying goodbye to people who have impacted my life in a major way.

Life outside the canyon is fast. You have so many more options. Options for food, gas, people, stores and television. It's almost as if everyone around you is moving in 'fast-forward' and you are stuck in the middle of a crowd.

I'll catch up eventually. I'll remember where my cell phone is and know exactly how to get somewhere I've been a million times before. The fast pace will become my pace soon enough. For the moment, I'm in the job market and looking to start bakery school as soon as I am able.

The ultimate dream? To own a night-time bakery complete with a stage for kids showcase their band. Canvas art on one wall and photography on the other. Couches that you can sink into and not one coffee mug will look like the other. Each night some group of kids can feel safe and at home with their friends or their young life leader. This is the kind of place that I wish existed.

Someday, it will.


anne said...

LOVE this! Welcome back to this crazy thing we call the REAL WORLD. Hopefully the adjustment goes smoothly. I think youre the one with the right idea...moving at a slower pace is likely the key. So, the rest of us in fast-forward are doing it all wrong. Seriously!

I can't wait to visit your bakery and lend some support! I can make a mean coffee...and I'm good with sprinkles too. :) We'll bring by everyone we know.

J Yo said...

I love your description of the Canyon like Narnia...have I said yet how excited I am that you're home?? If not, I am... :)

Love you

Stephanie said...

ALICIA!!!!!!!!! I would LOVE to see you!! Where are you living????? Love your blog! I know you've been home over a month but I am just now looking at it!

-Steph Louvier